Our Story

Rustic Marlin Designs was founded out of love in the summer of 2012 when we (Brian and Melanie O’Neil) were tying the knot. After searching in vain for the perfect wedding gifts, we decided to make our own. We gifted each of our siblings with signs of their last names. As new homeowners and self-proclaimed DIYers, we wanted to create something that embodied the rustic feel of our home’s décor by using some of the left over reclaimed wood from our recently installed floors. Although we had an abundance of beautiful old wood, there was not a single piece long enough to fit a last name. Not to fear - we tackled this obstacle with a little ingenuity and painted each letter on a separate piece of wood, then linked them together. These first two signs took over a month to create, but we enjoyed every minute of our little project. We presented the signs to our siblings at our rehearsal dinner in Portsmouth, NH. Not only did our families rave about the signs, but other patrons at the restaurant also asked where they could purchase one. 

Following our wedding, we continued to receive requests from family and friends for custom signs, so for fun we started making them “in our spare time” at night and on weekends. Soon we couldn’t keep up with the demand so we enlisted the help of some friends to help us. This was a big turning point as we came to the realization that this could be more than just our little labor of love as our unique designs were really resonating with people! Our original sign designs are now part of our Marlin Classic collection and our product offering continues to expand as our business and our ideas grow.

Rustic Marlin has continued to grow rapidly and we now design and manufacture custom wooden décor for the home, business and beyond sold on our website and at many retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. We started as a two-person team and are now composed of a talented team of craftsmen, designers and artists.

We love collaborating with customers in designing pieces for their unique interests or special occasions and watching how we can transform our product from a physical piece to a meaningful memory. Our easy to use platform offers virtually limitless customization options and quick turnaround times. Handcrafted in Massachusetts, all pieces are uniquely customized with our high quality rustic styling and add both character and a personal touch to any décor or special occasion.  

If you are looking to update your space, Rustic Marlin has the capabilities of transforming your idea and even logo into a personalized piece for your décor or gift needs. Although no two products ever look the same, we promise that each piece is built with attention to detail and a lot of love!